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Umuada Ndi-Igbo in Diaspora joins in the campaign against the ambiguous section 29(4) of the Nigeria Constitution, a clause that recognizes women of less than 18 years old to be of full age thereby promoting and encouraging child marriage. Millions of girls in Nigeria are forced into marriage before they turn 15 years old. This is obviously a violation of the Child Right Act of 2003 and a total violation of the Human Right....

We are extremely concerned about the impact and consequences of child marriage on girl child such as the denial of childhood and adolescence, health problems, physical and sexual abuse, all of these and much more, have profound psychosocial and emotional consequences on girls. Therefore, we write to the Senate to let them know our stand on this issue and to make it known that Umuada in Diaspora will not relent until it is corrected.

Click on "Read more" for our letter to the Nigeria Senate President. You can read more about our fight against child marriage on Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper of August 13, 2013. Please visit our site often for more recent news.

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What We Do

Our organization, Umuada Ndi-Igbo in Diaspora, Inc., has been in existence for over ten years now. Our mission has always been to uplift the spirit and condition of women, children, and families when and wherever there is the need.
Over the years, our charity work has spanned across the United States of America. Our services to the community this year (2017) include:

  1. New Jersey: Early this year, Umuada Ndi-Igbo in Diaspora, Inc. participated in a community outreach program that provided food, school supplies, and toys to needy children in underserved communities.
  2. New York: We successfully raised funds to support the Cancer & Sickle Cell Anemia Research & Awareness Endeavor. We also did visitations to cancer and sickle cell patients in some hospitals in New York for the purpose of encouraging and motivating patients.
  3. This year, Maryland chapter hosted a back to school night in their community for students from kindergarten to college and awarded laptop, computer, and different school supplies.
  4. In California & Maryland, we raised money to support The Cancer Society.

In 2015, we gave academic scholarships to deserving university students from our Igbo community. Our organization also raised funds to assist the Developmental Disabled Children Institution in 2016. In the same spirit, we effected visitations to the Women and Hopeless Shelters, and have participated in the HOLIDAY FEEDING OF HOMELESS SHELTERS yearly since 2012 in all chapters across the US.

The Atlanta Chapter did a Feeding-Bottles fund drive for homeless mothers in 2015. The Raleigh, NC Chapter in 2015 & 2016 took community health care awareness and
prevention outreach, as well as the Igbo Vernacular education in their community.

      Early next year, we plan to take our charity work overseas to Nigeria, to assist women and children currently facing enormous challenges. The focus of this charity work in Nigeria is to donate much-needed hospital equipment, provide funds to women to start small business ventures and to pay hospital bills to needy women and children imprisoned in hospitals for non-payment of bills. It is a nightmare to imagine that these women sleep ‘on the bare floor’ with their newborn babies for months. It is indeed heart wrenching to see these women huddling together with their babies in a corner of the hospital. This is the greatest degradation of motherhood. The needs are enormous, and the urgency is real. Can you find it in your heart to help us alleviate the sufferings of these women? No amount is too small.

      Our organization is 501c, so every donation is tax-deductible. Your support is key to achieving the above goals that we have set for ourselves. We are appealing to you to be part of this noble cause through your donation. Your generosity, regardless of size, will make a huge difference in the lives of the women and children we serve. So (please), can we count on you? YOU CAN WRITE CHECK PAYABLE TO UMUADA NDI IGBO IN DIASPORA OR USE OUR UNIID GO FUND ME PAGE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE.


1. Mobilization of Igbo women towards Igbo unity and progress–Maka oganiru Ndi-Igbo.
This can only be realized by emphasizing core Igbo family values in the matrimonial home where the husband is head of the family. Husband and wife should live in peace, love, and harmony with mutual respect for one another and be mentors and role models to our children. As Umuada, it is our responsibility to raise our families in traditional Igbo and Christian ways, so children grow up with humility and fear of the Lord, and have respect for self, family, elders, and others. The Umuada Ndi-Igbo In Diaspora is very serious business! It is not just another AUGUST MEETING!!

2. Preservation of our fast fading Igbo Language, Tradition, and Culture.
It may interest you to know that our Igbo language is predicted to be one of those widely spoken languages in the world that might fade away in the next 15 to 20 years if nothing is done about it right now! This is in part due to the fact that our children are no longer taught or encouraged to speak Igbo. Our children are also not being taught our rich Igbo History, especially the Igbo Traditional Marriage institution. Since the woman is the bedrock of every family, Umuada Igbo encourages us to wake up and start teaching our children the Igbo Language, Igbo marriage traditions, and other relevant aspects of our very rich but endangered culture.

3. Women Empowerment
This association believes that Umuada is immensely skilled and talented. As such, Umuada Ndi-Igbo In Diaspora, Inc. encourages her members to wake up and move beyond just being housewives, and strive to be the best we can possibly be in our matrimonial homes, in public service, business, politics, education, and other walks of life, our gender notwithstanding.

4. Youth Development/Empowerment: Maka odinma umu anyi
Umuada Ndi-Igbo takes issues pertaining to our youth very seriously since the youth represent our future – the Obamas of tomorrow. This association stands to do everything possible to give our children the exposure and tools required to prepare them for a better tomorrow. We are currently proposing a yearly Youth Awareness Summit to be organized by each Umuada Ndi-Igbo Chapter in the USA with the intention of having our kids come together, know one another, and get exposed to our very rich cultural heritage, including the Igbo language. There will also be academic programs aimed at identifying talented kids and providing them with scholarships and academic loans to help them attain their optimal potentials. We believe that if you teach a child the way to go, he/she will never depart from it.

5. Promoting Healthy Matrimonial Relationships/Fighting Against Domestic Violence
Umuada Ndi-Igbo In Diaspora, Inc. promises to determine possible causes of matrimonial disharmony and the resultant rising incidence of spousal abuse, neglect, and violence within the Igbo communities, and to look for ways of preventing them (including counseling and other forms of assistance and improving our self-esteem). This will go a long way to prevent unwarranted cases of separation and divorce since our children need both of their parents to grow up in a healthy way and develop properly.

6. Promoting Unity amongst Umuada with the ultimate aim of bringing all Ndi-Igbo in the Diaspora together.
Umuada Ndi-Igbo Nigeria sincerely believes that the Igbo Nation will never benefit in any meaningful way from the Federation of Nigeria if the Igbos do not immediately put aside their individual interests, come together, and unite under one strong Igbo nation and speak with one voice. The big question on the lips of every mainstream Umuada is this: “If Igbos cannot help themselves, then who would?”

Feel free to visit us at for further information. Thank you immensely, in advance, for your donation.