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Umuada Ndi-Igbo in Diaspora joins in the campaign against the ambiguous section 29(4) of the Nigeria Constitution, a clause that recognizes women of less than 18 years old to be of full age thereby promoting and encouraging child marriage. Millions of girls in Nigeria are forced into marriage before they turn 15 years old. This is obviously a violation of the Child Right Act of 2003 and a total violation of the Human Right....

We are extremely concerned about the impact and consequences of child marriage on girl child such as the denial of childhood and adolescence, health problems, physical and sexual abuse, all of these and much more, have profound psychosocial and emotional consequences on girls. Therefore, we write to the Senate to let them know our stand on this issue and to make it known that Umuada in Diaspora will not relent until it is corrected.

Click on "Read more" for our letter to the Nigeria Senate President. You can read more about our fight against child marriage on Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper of August 13, 2013. Please visit our site often for more recent news.

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Chief/Lady Mrs. Ada Ozo Nonye Agude Revealed: aka Ada zuru Igbo gburuburu

imageEvery one of us created by God has a divine destiny to fulfill here on earth. Many have been able to discover what their destinies are and pursued their goals in life with rigor and vigor. Developing one’s potentials requires absolute trust in God and support from those who believe in our God given mission. The drive to fulfill our mission on earth differs from one person to the other.

There are three categories of people on earth; the first category are those who watch things happen, the second category are those who make things happen and the third category are those who applaud others.

The Igbos are industrious, smart and purposeful people this is a known fact. Everywhere they set their foot on; they make tangible economic impact through hard work and divine wisdom from God.

As a stork of Igbo land born and raised full blooded Igbo woman, Ada Ozo Nonye Agude came to the United States many years ago and together with her industrious and wise husband (Chief engineer Sunday Agude), labored together to build their lives as entrepreneurs and ambassadors of the Igbo people. As a mother, she is raising five children. Ada Ozo does not only take care of her own children, she offers educational scholarships to Igbo children. As at present, 15 people have benefited from her scholarship program that spans from elementary school to University level. Recently one of them graduated from Law school and has become a barrister at law. She has provided opportunities for young adults who needed to be retrained to acquire new skill/trade of their choice. Many less privileged people and widows received funding to start small businesses of their choice.

Her humanitarian work has earned her many church, academic, leadership, and entrepreneurial awards. Ada Ozo and her husband are representing the Igbo people well. They chose to extend the blessing of God in their lives to other people that are less privileged.

Some years ago, Ada Ozo started a medical mission in Nigeria that provides medical services to many sick people and care for the less privileged. This mission has been a blessing to thousands of people in the Igbo land in Nigeria.

Their business is built around medical services here in the United States. It is all about caring for the sick and less privileged people. Many lives have been touched by her caring hands.
She fits the description of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 30.

“A wife of noble character who can find she is worth far more than rubies.Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him well, not harm, all the days of her life.”

The Umuada Igbo in Diaspora that she founded is the youngest organization in the chain of humanitarian work she has embarked on. Her vision for this organization is to foster unity among Igbo women. She believes that by pulling together, Igbo women in Diaspora can find a forum to share ideas, motivate one another for economic empowerment and social development. She desires to lead an organization by her exemplary lifestyle of giving, caring and sharing. She is concerned about the plight of the younger generation of Igbos and how they can be nurtured within the tradition and culture of Igbo people. She tries to make the organization reach out to our young boys and girls to preserve the tradition and culture of our people.

God has blessed her with much and she recognizes that it is the grace of God that makes that possible. That is the reason why she likes to help out in whatever way she can to motivate other women to use their God given grace to affect other people’s lives.
When this organization started, she used her own money and resources to get the organization on her feet and devoted valuable time to lay a good foundation for the organization at the expense of her business and family commitments. Against all odds Ada Ozo worked with illustrious women of Igbo origin all over the United States to build this organization. It is one thing to have a vision it is another thing to have people of vision to work with. Umuada Ndi Igbo in Diaspora is an organization that can boast of women from every profession in the society. We have Lawyers, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Professors, Business owners and entrepreneurs. These women are destiny carriers and nation builders who recognize the sovereignty of God and are willing to be instruments in His divine hands to make this world a better place for everyone.

It is said that people with great mind discuss ideas but people with little mind discuss people. Umuada Ndi Igbo in Diaspora is a collection of industrious, illustrious and determined Igbo women with “great mind” coming together to rob “heart and mind” and find ways to improve the lots of Igbo people in general.
Ada Ozo has been working hard with these great women to create an environment where every Igbo person has a shot and a fair share. The community spirit that has been the emblem of the Igbo people and deeply rooted in the word of God (the Bible) that says “we are our brother’s keeper” is slipping away but Ada Ozo together with these women are working in concert to awake that spirit of love, care and community responsibility again.
It is to this end that we are proposing to have a Community center for abused women and children. This center will also provide an environment where our children can learn more about our cultural heritage and our women can have vocational training in different fields for economic empowerment and communal interaction.

All of these cannot be possible if God is out of the equation. That is the reason why Ada Ozo puts God first in this organization and has continued to enjoin other women to give God His rightful place in everything they do.

Igbo people are devoted to God spiritually; this is part of our life and culture. IGBO ENWE EZE is a negative saying we can change that negative saying by embracing the values of the civilized society that we live in.

That is the reason why Ada Ozo is making sure that Umuada Ndi Igbo in Diaspora gives God His rightful place in virtually every activity of the organization.
Ada Ozo educational achievements are as listed below:


Chief/Lady Adazo Mrs. Chinonyelum Grace Agude, Ada zuru Igbo gburugburu, hails from Obe, in Nkanu LGA of Enugu State of Nigeria. She was, however, born and raised in Abakaliki (Ebony State of Nigeria) to Late Chief Ozo Nwanshi Ogbuke Eneh and Chief Mrs Esther Eneh. (Middle child of 11 children of my parents). Happily married to Sir/Engr Sunday Agude for twenty-four years, and blessed with four beautiful children – two girls, two boys and one other adopted son.


Masters in Public Health
MPH: University of Phoenix, Arizona

Bachelors in Nursing/ Public Health
BSN/PHN: University of Phoenix, Arizona

Registered Nurse Diploma
RN: San Bernardino Valley College, California

Bachelors in Education
B.Ed: Anambra College of Education/ University of Nigeria (UNN), Nsukka.

City Girls High School: Enugu

Community Service/ Organiser:

  • Umuada Igbo Coordinator for the World Igbo Congress (WIC), Inc. (2009- 2010)
  • Founder/ National Coordinator: Umuada Igbo Nigeria in Diaspora, Inc. in the North Americas (since 2009).
  • Founder/ National President, Umuada Ndi-Igbo in Diaspora, Inc. & Trademarked with US Patent & trademark office, Washington DC. 20011. (NOVEMBER 23rd 2010 to CURRENT).
  • Founding Director-General, Ada Wawa of Southern California (current)
  • Former National Women Coordinator, Nkanu-USA (2009-2011)
  • Member, Igbo Cultural Association in Southern California
  • Member, Catholic Women Organization, Enugu Diocese and St Anthony Parish, Obe (Enugu State)
  • Former Vice President, Odinamba Cultural Association of Southern California (2004 – 2007)
  • Former Board Member, Odinamba Cultural Association, Southern California (2002 – 2004)
  • Former Treasurer, Nkanu Association of Southern California (2003 – 2009)
  • Former Candidate for Vice President, ENUGU-USA (2006)
  • Golden Mommy Award by St Anthony Parish, Obe in Enugu State, for selfless humanitarian services to the Obe Community (June 2009).
  • Woman of Honor in God’s Kingdom Award by the House of Love Community Church in Fontana, California (April 2009)
  • Lady of Knight of Columbus (Dec. 2008)
  • Sponsorship of the 2007 Medical Mission in Obe (Enugu State), where high quality (made in the USA) medications were distributed for free (prescribed by medical doctors after clinical consultations/medical examination of patients. Medical Mission is done yearly (since 2006).
  • Sponsorship of the CNNC & SUCCOR Inc. Education and Health Foundation established in 2007, for needy children in Obe (Enugu State) & Grace Mission for African Development (NGO Nig) Registered with Fed. Republic, Nigeria, 2008.
  • Mobilized the so-called “non-conformist” kids in Obe to form the re-known Ojerima Cultural Musical Group. Donated musical equipment to this group for community entertainment. Started in 2008 and is on-going.
  • Contributed towards the building of the Catholic Women’s Hall in Obe and Donated 18 SITTER VAN for propagation of Catholic Mission in St Anthony Parish Obe, Enugu Diocese (2006). Continues to support this group since 2006.


Co-owner, Young Tiger’s Inc. (global Services)
Riverside – California
Director, Patient Care Services (DPCS), Total Care Home Health Agency Inc.; Riverside (California).
Co-owner, S & G International Services Inc.
CEO: Grace N. Agude Inc.
Director: CNNC Foundation (NGO) Nigeria.
Director: SUCCOR Foundation (NGO) USA
CEO: Grace Mission for African Development (NGO) Nigeria.
Member: Black American Professional Women Association.
Member: Knights of Columbus, San Bernardino/Riverside Diocese (since 2008).

God bless Umuada Ndi Igbo in Diaspora and God bless the Igbo people world-wide.

Written by
Friends of Ada Ozo