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Umuada Ndi-Igbo in Diaspora joins in the campaign against the ambiguous section 29(4) of the Nigeria Constitution, a clause that recognizes women of less than 18 years old to be of full age thereby promoting and encouraging child marriage. Millions of girls in Nigeria are forced into marriage before they turn 15 years old. This is obviously a violation of the Child Right Act of 2003 and a total violation of the Human Right....

We are extremely concerned about the impact and consequences of child marriage on girl child such as the denial of childhood and adolescence, health problems, physical and sexual abuse, all of these and much more, have profound psychosocial and emotional consequences on girls. Therefore, we write to the Senate to let them know our stand on this issue and to make it known that Umuada in Diaspora will not relent until it is corrected.

Click on "Read more" for our letter to the Nigeria Senate President. You can read more about our fight against child marriage on Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper of August 13, 2013. Please visit our site often for more recent news.

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Agatha Ozo Diche Ibekwe

Agatha Ozo Diche Ibekwe, PHN. BSN. RN

  • Married and a mother of four children.
  • Biology/Chemistry Major-Abeokute collage of Education-Nigeria
  • National Youth Services Corps (NYSC)-Nigeria
  • School Nurse Los Angeles Unified School District-11 years
  • RN Supervisor/Visiting Nurse in Various Home Health Agency- LA County
  • RN Supervisor in various Skilled Nursing Facilities in Los Angeles County
  • CEO/President Wisdom Health Care Services, Inc,.
  • Initiator/Co-Founder Udoka Women Association of Southern California
  • Founder/President Onyemara-Nwanneya of Old Umuaka California Chapter
  • Social Activity Co-ordinator Council of Christian Women In Diaspora(CCWD)
  • Member of the Founding Mothers-Umuada-Ndi-igbo in Diaspora Inc.
  • West Coast Regional Coordinator-Umuada-Ndi-igbo in Diaspora Inc.

As a West Coast Regional Coordinator, I focus on opening up Umuada-Ndi-igbo Chapters in the West Coast Region of United States of America and in Nigeria. Umuada-Ndi-igbo is a movement whose motto is Love, Peace, Unity, Respect and Empowerment. As EziNwada and the West Coast Regional Coordinator, I will uphold and work to full our vision and mission statement which states “To promote a united Umuada-Ndi-igbo, preserve our cultural traditions, promote healthy matrimonial relationships, position the issues that pertain to our children and prop up the empowerment of women”.